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Freight Crate

From expediting and communication, to hands on packing. From the moment the product is accepted, it is documented and certified. We ascertain values and protection necessary for shipment.
We do advanced research to accommodate speed and efficiency. Your shipment is then placed on our runway for packing. This is where our team of associates gets to business. With a combined 25 years of expertise, your product is put into production. Measured and calculated for the fitment of the top quality in materials for it’s journey. We understand that these enclosures must withstand the abuse of their travels.
Based on the contents, we analyze what we need to do to protect your investment. Each and every item receives this unique attention. Our package Techs are very proud of accomplishing their goals. Our defect rate is almost non-existent. As they leave our facility we still keep a watchful eye like our children are going off to school.