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The Shipping Baron

We know that time is money, so to streamline the process of shipping you can send us the details of your shipment for a custom quote.

You can also call us by phone or email us directly.

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4530 Brazil St. STE 2
Los Angeles, CA


Shipping is the destiny of all things good. Getting ones products safely from one point to the other has been half of all business practices. From the first caravan of work animals strapping commodities crossing the desert, man has had the necessity to market his wares.

Here at the “ Baron “ for almost 20 years we have understood the value of shipping. From our first attempt, we realized that packaging is an art. That the one on the receiving end has perceived expectations. Those expectations are that their item will come promptly, and intact. The knowledge of shippers, USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, came with time. As our experience expanded with our business, we accommodated from minuscule, to freight worthy products. Shipping materials advanced, and products became more protected. Competition made us better, and the results are that our confidence in our service is stellar.



What makes us stand out are many factors. The one we are most proud of is our team of experts. From expediting and communication, to hands on packing. From the moment the product is accepted, it is documented and certified. We ascertain values and protection necessary for shipment. 

We do advanced research to accommodate speed and efficiency. Your shipment is then placed on our runway for packing. This is where our team of associates gets to business.

With a combined 25 years of expertise, your product is put into production. Measured and calculated for the fitment of the top quality in materials for it’s journey. We understand that these enclosures must withstand the abuse of their travels. Based on the contents, we analyze what we need to do to protect your investment. Each and every item receives this unique attention. Our package Techs are very proud of accomplishing their goals. Our defect rate is almost non-existent. As they leave our facility we still keep a watchful eye like our children are going off to school.

We have many greatly satisfied customers.

So when you consider us, your are considering all that have worked here continuously striving for perfection in their craft.


Note: We use every major carrier. We can insure the value of your item to the maximum allowed. We have shipped worldwide, to every major country. We can freight within the entire USA. We can arrange from 1 small item, to a 10,000 sq foot warehouse and more. We have the capabilities to pick up your shipment both local, and beyond.

What we are saying is that there is no job we think is too small, or too large. We can take on what you can throw at us.

Call in and not only receive a true welcome, but to get a quote that will put a grin on your face.

All of us at the Shipping Baron are dedicated to performance. Our pride is your happiness with our service. Try us once, and we promise you will never need another shipper.

Sincerely the Baron Team.

Please contact us at 818-241-2265